Burma Project
Genre: Action/Thriller
Featuring Brendon Spiro.








Joint Production
Genre: Action/Thriller
Joint production Old Vic Films and Freshwater Productions.


Operation Kenya
Genre: Action
Tanganyika, Africa, 1954: GCHQ (the centre for Her Majesty’s Government’s Signal Intelligence) sends its top agent, Jock Greig to deal with the MauMau problem. As told through the eyes of Jock’s son, a dangerous assignment sparks a passion for Africa.¬†Featuring Brendon Spiro.






Genre: Film Noir
When a matinee idol from Hollywood’s Golden Age returns from service in World War II, having given up secrets to the Japanese in a POW camp, he finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue in 1946 Los Angeles, as factions try to manipulate ¬† him based on the perception that he is a man who can be made to talk.

The Vicar’s Wife
Genre: Comedy
In a small village parish in England, an incredibly handsome and charismatic Anglican Vicar has been keeping a life-long vow of celibacy that is slowly driving him mad. He is pulled back from the brink when a young woman crosses his path, who unbeknownst to him remembers the Vicar as the love of her life.

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